How to Maintain Your Full Zip Hoodie in Perfect Shape

A full zip hoodie is the perfect wardrobe staple for men. It’s a versatile piece that you can wear on its own or layer over a button-down to add warmth. But like any other item of clothing, it takes some maintenance to keep your full zip hoodie in perfect shape.

Here are some tips on how to maintain your full zip hoodie in perfect shape:

Wash it properly

If you want your full zip hoodie to last long and look good, then washing it properly is essential. You should always wash your clothes in cold water to avoid shrinking and fading the colours. Also, you should not use fabric softener when washing because this will make your clothes look dull and lifeless. To get rid of stains from your full zip hoodie, try using a stain remover spray before washing or soak the stained area with warm water before washing it off with cold water. You can also add baking soda in your wash cycle if there are stains as baking soda helps remove stains such as grass or blood from fabric easily without damaging the colour of the fabric.

Wash it only when necessary

If you’re washing your hoodie every time it gets dirty, then you’re probably doing too much laundry! Most full zip hoodies can be worn several times before needing to be washed, unless they have become very dirty. This means that if you don’t need it for a few days or weeks, it’s best not to wash it at all. Similarly, if you must wash your hoodie frequently (for example, if there’s a stain), hand-wash it instead of machine-washing it.

Choose Detergent Wisely

You may not realize it, but the laundry detergent you use can make a huge difference in how your clothes look after washing. Choose a detergent that is free of fillers and perfumes. Avoid using fabric softeners or dryer sheets as they can leave residue on clothing and reduce their absorbency. You should also avoid using automatic dishwasher detergents as these can cause fading and damage to the fibers of your clothes.

Don’t overload your washing machine

Overloading your machine will cause very uneven washing results and damage your clothing items by stretching them out of shape; which means they won’t fit properly anymore!

Do not rely on the dryer

Dryers can damage fabrics. The heat and tumbling motion will cause your clothes to shrink and wrinkle in ways that are difficult to reverse without professional help. If you want your full zip hoodie to last as long as possible, avoid using the dryer whenever possible.

Avoid ironing!

Ironing is one of the most common mistakes people make when washing clothes at home or when they take their clothes to the laundry shop for cleaning services. Ironing damages the fabric and makes it look old and wrinkled which is not good if you want to maintain your wardrobe perfectly clean all the time!


To sum it, the maintenance of full zip hoodies is not complicated and anyone can do it. Of course, you will feel better if you find someone who can attend to your clothes. But even so, to get the clothes professionally taken care of is much more expensive than doing them by yourself and there is no difference in appearance or quality.



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