POF Review

Free Dating Services Await: Sample POF Website Review 

Online personal dating has revolutionized the way we find partners for casual fun and long-term commitment. Everyone realizes this today and — sadly — so do the businesses. Most reliable dating chats these days are not free or have rather limited features for non-paying users. 

We, however, believe that it’s not how things should be. So, we search for free no cost dating sites and carefully review all of their features. Take www pof. com, for example. Everyone must have heard about this pioneer in the online dating world. And, even though this platform offers some of its features for the money, it still makes it possible to find matches for free. That is the type of dating sites we make a point of reviewing.

The First Glance at POF Dating Community

Does it have any experience in online dating? Is it created for someone like you? Is it popular? What kind of relationship are you about to find here? Can you meet a partner on this platform? Answers to these and many other questions should be at a glance. So, every review starts with describing a site in short for your convenience.

What do you know about the POF website, and how much time do you want to spend to find out the basics? It is how we present information: quickly, clearly, and explicitly.

POF dating platform has been in the business for more than 15 years now. It started when the matchmaking industry was in the first stages of its development. With 90 million users from around the globe, it will help you find someone for whatever relationship you seek. Or will it?

Most POF users are here for dating, a serious relationship, meeting a life partner, and marriage. So, if you are up to NSA romance, you’ll see that hook up dating is not among pof members’ major objectives. Besides, you and your match must live close to each other. 

The service’s features are a smartly designed combination of everything you can get on matchmaking sites and dating platforms. So, Tinder fans and people used to mail-order bride services — everyone will discover something familiar on POF. Yet, some of the pof features are unique, and you will love them.

Who Are the Members of This Site?

You’ve got the clue why people on POF sign in. But do they suit you? It, in detail, is explained in this section.

How old are they? POF users belong to all age groups — from 18 to 50+ years. It is not the site for younger teenagers, so minors are not allowed to sign up. The overwhelming majority of active members are young adults aged from 25 to 35.

Where are they from? As said, countless users in both hemispheres take advantage of POF login in on the daily, but most of them are from the US. 

Gender proportion. This aspect may be controversial on different sites and for different users. After all, its quality depends on who exactly you are searching for. If you are a man seeking women, it’s better for you if there are more ladies on the site. But if you are a man seeking men, the situation is quite the opposite. It is clearer on straight-oriented websites, but on those catering to people of different preferences, the gender proportion is rather tricky. However, this information comes in handy for everyone. It’s the decision you make that is individual. For instance, the POF desktop version and app have 40% of female users and 60% of the male ones. 

Are they active? POF log in stats is very inspiring. Every day, the number of people who log in the site reaches 3.5 million and even exceeds it from time to time. The site has a riveting forum that illustrates the daily activity vividly. 

Though the site’s population and features are essential for each user, we have more aspects to evaluate before we can or can’t recommend you use it. So, let’s proceed with them and take a closer look at what you get when you just come here — POF account logon.

How to Sign Up

Registering on dating sites should be straightforward, but, at the same time, it can’t allow scammers to create accounts with no effort. So, we feel our duty to describe signing up processes on various platforms. We want to make sure you will access dating chats as quickly as possible and will be protected from bots there. 

POF sign up meets our requirements, and it has some peculiarities we should mention. As compared to other websites, the POF login process is lengthy, but it still won’t take you longer than 10 minutes. You can’t sign up on POF dating site with any social media account, so you don’t need to think how to delete POF data from your feeds if you don’t want your friends to know about your presence on this dating site. But it is still possible to download your pictures from FB or Instagram.

You should answer a bunch of questions about yourself and your relationship focus to allow the site to pick the best match for you from millions of people. Start with your POF username, email, password, gender, date of birth, location, and ethnicity. In addition, there are personality tests that can be very useful in matching you up with a special someone, too. But you can fill them out when you find it convenient.

POF Search and Contacting Other Members

There are plenty of searching options here: from username search POF has borrowed from other platforms to Ultra Match that has been developed specifically for its users. POF username search won’t be very convenient for newcomers but can be of use for those who have been around. But sometimes, you won’t even need to search POF users because Ultra Match does it for you. It is an unprecedented match adviser that shows one 50 (!) people they might like every day. 

Remember how many fields you had to fill upon your first POF log in? All users have to do it, forming the basis for multiple smart filters that help narrow one’s search on POF down. 

To communicate, the users don’t need to spend a penny, so your POF inbox will be staffed with messages all the time. POF revolution forums can also be accessed for free, providing everybody with an opportunity to hang out and get to know each other better with no additional pressure. The topics discussed here are both relationship-related and general, so we can say for sure that forums are a great way to spend time. If you like someone’s post or comment, you can search username on POF and contact them. 

Upon signing up, users let POF delete any abusive messages and sexual content. It is a strict rule that makes this dating website online free from vulgarity. It creates a safe and welcoming space for those who seek for love and friendship. 

No need to wonder how to delete POF users who are being offensive or irritating! Just block them, and they won’t ever be a problem. 

Are All the Services Free?

Good question. We understand that one way or another, websites should raise funds. Some of them offer their users upgrading to get some extra perks. POF is one of them. Almost everything is not paid here. Every user can create a profile, get and read messages, participate in forums, like users, or delete POF account for free. Their app is also free to download from Windows Store, Google Store, and App Store. Using the advanced POF search filters doesn’t require any investments either. 

So, why pay? Paid members get top positions in search results. They see no annoying ads and know when their messages are read. Their experience is more comfortable. But if you don’t want to pay for it, you are equally welcomed on this site. It’s appalling when some ‘free’ services try to trick their users into subscribing by limiting their communication. Naturally, people leave such platforms for good. Luckily, this service is nothing like that, and you’ll never be forced to inquire how to delete POF account for this reason. 


Dating should be a free concept — no matter if you want to hook up or get married. A free online dating chat is not a dream, and POF com is a great proof to that. Being highly secure, it provides you with the best services out of charge. Moreover, it explains POF delete account procedure to let you leave when you find love instead of lingering in the database to increase ‘the number of users.’

Paid platforms claim that their monthly fees ensure higher security and protection from fraud. But, money alone cannot be an indicator of quality service and a legitimate user database. So, our primary goal is to find and analyze free dating websites — especially when it comes to security. Anyone should be able to meet like-minded people for free — regardless of one’s age, location, relationship goals, or income. Download the POF app or visit their site to see that non-paid online dating is worth it. We, in turn, will introduce you to more services that share these values and can earn your trust.