5 Helpful Tips When Choosing the Best Custom Thick Hoodies for Your Brand

In recent years, hoodies have gained popularity all over the world. There is nothing like having a thick, soft, new hoodie, don’t you agree? When it comes to customizing thick hoodies for your brand, it’s a hurdle that many businesses face due to the many designs in the market and many competing brands. It is challenging to know where to start. But do not worry. In this article, we will clear any uncertainty you may have. By the end of this article, you will be sure where to begin and what you are going for.

Helpful Tips to Help You Choose Good Thick Hoodies for Your Brand.

1. Hoodie Fabric.

Many fabrics and blends are used to make hoodies, like t-shirts. There are hoodies made from cotton, which are all-time favorites, then the 100% polyester, which doesn’t shrink, a 50/50 polyester and cotton fabric, and the best of three worlds.

You must be asking yourself, which is the softest yet warmest hoodie?

2. Sponge Fleece

Sponge fleece fabric is a type of fabric that is made from the different materials mentioned above. Technology is used to make shredded yarn loops on the inside of the hoodies that are brushed to make them fuzzy, which makes them super soft and keeps you warm at the same time. Sponge fleece fabric is even softer than sweatshirt fleece.

If you are looking for hoodies that can keep your customers warm during the cold season, this fabric is what you should go for.

3. French Terry

This fabric is lightweight and less soft compared to sponge fleece. French Terry is more absorbent and breathable since its yarn loops are kept intact and help to keep you cool. It is a perfect choice if you want lightweight hoodies for your brand.

4. Hoodie style

There are two major hoodie styles: the pullover and the zip-up. The two significant differences are how you wear them, thus their name, and the pockets for pullover hoodies. It has one large front pocket that zips up and two front pockets, one on the left and one on the right.

Let’s look at the pros and cons of each style to help you make a better choice.

Pullover hoodies.


No zip issues because there is none

They are warmer

They are easy to print on the chest


You only have two choices: keep it on or remove it since you can’t control your temperature like the zip-up hoodies.

Zip-up hoodies.


It’s versatile in how you can wear it since it has a zipper, and it is easier to control your body temperature.


Zip problems and when it comes to printing on the front, it can be challenging due to having a zipper on the front.

5. Hoodie size.

Hoodie size can vary from person to person. You can look at your target market and decide whether you are going for the standard oversized fit. Since some people like their hoodies to be oversized and think of it now since it’s a trend, both men and women love oversized hoodies. Look at your target market before you place your orders.


When looking for a thick hoodie, you can always consider the pros and cons to know the best options. With the above insights, you can start ordering thick hoodies for your brand. It must be easy to do it now.



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